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Beantown Bloggery Facelift

10/20/2009 04:31:00 AM

Ok, just like I promised, I've revamped the 'ol Bloggery based on suggestions that you guys gave me via email or comment.

I would have done it sooner, but like I mentioned a couple weeks ago my macbook died. And pardon my rant, but the folks at the Apple Genius Bar want $1300 to fix the macbook that I only paid $1400 for. Can we say highway robbery? Needless to say, my one year affair with Mac is over. It's back to PC's after Windows 7 launches. In the meantime I'm reduced to using my backup laptop - a super old Sony Vaio with a busted screen - I hafta plug it into an external monitor so I can use it. Sad, I know.

Based on your suggestions, I did the following:
1. Made the template a lighter color
2. Put full blog entries back on the homepage
3. Added the timestamps back on.

And if you'd like the tour, starting from the top and going down.

1. Top Navigation Menu
2. Subscription Options on the Top Right
3. 2nd Navigation Menu with Blog Labels
4. Search Bar to Search the Site
5. The Chatterbox
6. List of Movies/Shows Filmed
7. Blog Entries
8. Recent Comments
9. My Recent Twitter Updates
10. Sites I Like (Under Construction)

If you have additional suggestions for me, I'll take them. I'm still tweaking the site, so I may be able to incorporate your suggestions. But in regards to a total site revamp, that's not going to happen for a while.

Click (here) to check out the new site!

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4 Response to "Beantown Bloggery Facelift"

  1. DebbieK Said,

    Looks great!

    Posted on 10/20/09, 9:13 AM

  2. Unknown Said,

    I love the new look :)
    Fantastic job!

    Posted on 10/20/09, 11:14 AM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    looks good!

    Posted on 10/20/09, 11:33 AM

  4. Dan Dan Said,

    Wow, it looks great!

    One thing, when you mouse over the titles of each post on the front page, the color change is so subtle that it's hard to tell it's a link.

    I like the new look a lot though!

    Posted on 10/21/09, 1:52 PM


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