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$100 Halloween Costume Contest

10/08/2009 12:03:00 AM
What are you guys going to be for Halloween? Last year I went as a Geek Squad guy, the year before I went as Ryu from Street Fighter. I need a new idea. And if you've got a good idea, you should enter HEC's Costume Contest that's going on right now.

Hollywood East Connection is an independent, Massachusetts-based entertainment news and career website celebrating creative talent in New England. We provide readers with engaging news and profiles of everyday people getting ahead in the movie and t.v. industries. We also have the most comprehensive career resource directory focusing on New England.

We thought you and your readers might want to know about our costume contest this month. We're giving away $100 to the person with the best costume depicting a movie or TV character.

Best costume for a movie or TV character. Hmmmm. My buddy Troy was the Mayor of Imaginationland (from South Park) last year. That was a pretty awesome costume. I'd like to be Greenman from It's Always Sunny, but I would not look good in a tight green body suit.

Click (here) for more contest info.

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1 Response to "$100 Halloween Costume Contest"

  1. Unknown Said,

    Deff saw a person as greenman when the always sunny play thing that went on at the HOB was playing it was epic

    Posted on 10/8/09, 12:17 AM


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