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Zee Portal - Fashion News

9/24/2009 12:26:00 AM
I did a lot of private label in the past for work, so the manufacturing industry has always been interesting to me. One of the most interesting manufacturing industries (in my opinion) is the clothing industry. Thanks to a new fashion industry website that just recently launched, I'll hopefully be able to keep up on the industry news better.

The fashion industry welcomed a groundbreaking new force today with the launch of, the 24/7 virtual trade show for fashion professionals.

With, fashion industry professionals can make connections, get the latest news and conduct business 24/7 in a fun, free virtual environment that’s tailor-made for our industry.”

Features of the site include searchable member profiles and designer catalogs, fashion news, expert advice, industry events, online chats, exchange rates, stock quotes, classified ads and online order taking. For added security, designers can choose which buyers can access their profiles and catalogs.

I come from the electronics world, where margins kind of suck. So it's always fascinating to see people who are willing to pay $150+ for track suits made out of bath towels. What makes it so expensive? The profit. (Just a little joke my boss used to make)

Click (here) to join Zee Portal.

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1 Response to "Zee Portal - Fashion News"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Approach with caution. I wrote the press releases and banner ads for Zeeportal. The founded Rida Kahn, has stiffed me on a very modest fee and refuses to return my calls.

    Posted on 11/30/09, 9:39 PM


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