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Bon Appetit Magazine has a feature in their October issue that lists out the Top 10 New Asian Noodle Bars in the US and guess who's on it? Myers + Chang. I've eaten there once. If you recall, it was back in May of last year (here). Here's what Bon Appetit had to say:

Ramen from Japan, pho from Vietnam, and dan dan mein from China—noodle dishes are the soul foods of Asia. They're comforting, filling, healthful, and, best of all, they're cheap. Lucky for us, modern Asian noodle joints are popping up everywhere, taking the humble noodle mainstream.

Myers + Chang

Noodle dishes here, including beef and broccoli chow fun and dan dan noodles, are fresh-tasting, with layers of flavor. Wok-charred udon noodles with chicken are especially good. 1145 Washington Street; 617-542-5200

Too be honest, I usually just go to chinatown to get my noodle fix. It's a much closer walk. But I wouldn't be opposed to swing by M+C one more time to try the wok-charred udon noodles - they sound pretty good. Besides, it gives me an excuse to swing by Flour and have another one of those sticky buns. *drooool*

Click (here) to see the list.

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1 Response to "Top 10 New Asian Noodle Bars: Myers + Chang"

  1. Erica Said,

    Myers + Chang is good, but man Wagamamma is soooo good!! Their noodles I think might be a tad better...I know it's a chain, but still.

    Posted on 9/9/09, 11:33 AM


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