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Maxim Chooses The Clam Box

9/08/2009 02:06:00 AM
So this is a little late coming, but for some really odd reason, my August issue of Maxim didn't show up until after I'd already received the September issue. Must have gotten stuck in a forgotten bin or something for a month or so.

I was leafing through it, and the August issue contained their annual Maxim Food Awards. If you'll recall, last year JT Farnham's won for the best fried clams (here). An anonymous reader left a comment on my blog entry last year that his/her favorite was actually the Clam Box. Well guess who won this year?

Clams Most Worthy of your Clams
Clam Box

Ipswich, MA

Shaped like a giant takeout container, the Clam Box of Ipswich, 30 miles north of Boston, has been serving locally caught fare since 1938. Your order: the Native Clam Plate ($19) piled high with an obscene helping of large, juicy critters encased in a crisp salty batter with sides of fries and cole slaw. Bring your own Guinness.

I think I just drooled a little on myself while retyping Maxim's little blurb. Methinks it's time to take a little field trip up north to get some clams. Usually when I drive north, I go to Rockport to get lobsters at Roy Moore (and also do some kayaking). But, this time I'm craving some fried food.

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