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Hotel Chocolat Coming Soon!

9/21/2009 12:03:00 AM
I don't eat a whole lot of chocolate. But when I have friends come to visit that do like chocolate, I always take them to Teuscher on Newbury for their champagne truffles. Those things are delicious. Coming soon, though, is some competition that I may need to check out.

Hotel Chocolat might sound like Willy Wonka’s vacation resort of choice, but don’t jump to conclusions from the name. We’re not talking about some kind of Hershey’s hostel, but rather, a luxury chocolatier set to open right here in our own little Bean. In five years, the UK-based brand has ballooned to 32 retail locations across the pond.

It even grows its own cocoa at its Caribbean plantation, the Rabot Estate, where its policy of “Engaged Ethics” protects the local environment and workers. And now it has chosen the Hub for its first two stateside stores — one at 141A Newbury Street (near the Dartmouth Street intersection) opening in late September and a second opening later this year at the Mall at Chestnut Hill.

These stores will also debut a new look for the chain — a sleek black-and-white motif conceived by designer Terry Moore — and the Newbury location has a tasting room for chocolate sampling.

Anyone want to do me a favor and swing by 141A Newbury Street and check out if it's open yet?

Click (here) to check out the Hotel Chocolat website.

PS. I checked out the site, they've got champagne truffles as well.

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2 Response to "Hotel Chocolat Coming Soon!"

  1. Robert baker Said,

    Walked by today on my way to lunch. Looks like they are open, although I think they are still finishing some stuff up, tasting room wasn't open yet. Btw. Store looks damn impressive, never seen anything like it!

    Posted on 9/22/09, 11:27 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    Champagne truffles were delicious! So many free samples too. Just gotta ask. :)

    Posted on 10/4/09, 4:33 PM


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