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Emma Watson at Brown

9/16/2009 12:03:00 AM
I'm sure you guys have heard already, seeing as how the school year has already started, but Hermione is in fact attending Brown University. If you've been following my posts, first I heard that she was going to Brown (here). Then it was said that she was going to Columbia (here). Now there's confirmation from many folks that she's indeed going to Brown.

I know according to the papers I was "definitely attending" both Columbia and Yale, but I've finally arrived at Brown University and, while I wish that I could be in three places at once, I wouldn't believe everything you read. I arrived on Tuesday and I'm having the most amazing time. I'm still so excited to be here; I've already met so many incredible people. I'm over my jet lag and now I just want classes to start!! Hope you are all well and happy, and if you've started college or university that it is everything you hope it would be.

Love Emma x

Oh and contrary to the reports you may have read, I didn't arrive by helicopter. I've only been in one once when I was little and I was terrified. Now back to my studies! Speak soon.

That's from her official blog. I wonder if she'll stay in Providence on the weekends, or come up to Boston to party. Let's hope she makes her way up here.

Click (here) to visit Emma's website.

PS. Dear Emma Watson, welcome to the States! If you have questions about Brown or Providence, direct them here - my buddy Eugene spent 8 years there (undergrad & med school). I'm sure he can answer them.

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