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Lisa over at Lisa's Hands of Time is such an awesome person that she's sponsoring another giveaway for her company's services. She already sponsored a contest back in May (here) but she's coming back for more! Just in time for all you students that may not have as much free time anymore now that school has started up again.

Shopportunity Knocks!

Well - it's definitely September...Are you back in Boston? Back to college? Have your kids gone back to school? Are you working late and never seem have enough time in your day?

Here's your chance! Haven't you always wanted your very own personal concierge? We are giving away 2 free hours of Lisa's Hands of Time Concierge services (

This time-saving personal concierge biz will help you buy back your time, and give you peace of mind. Errands, shopping, organizing, research, wait-services, automobile-related errands, and much MORE!

That's right, we're giving away 2 hours of free concierge service. This would have come in handy for me about 2 weeks ago. I moved into a new place and had a ridiculous amount of ikea furniture to built. Due to the lack of an electric screw driver, I think I now have carpal tunnel.

Same rules as usual. Shoot me an email with subject heading "Lisa's Hands of Time" and your name in the body of the email and I'll enter you in the drawing.

Contest runs from now until next Friday 9/18 at 10pm EST.

Want to Enter the Contest?
Email me at
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