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Who needs a drink besides me? I'll have two (at the very least. It's been a grueling week and it's only Thursday. It feels particularly bad because last week was a pretty good week and this week has been sucking it up. But, I digress. Tonight, Stuff Boston is hosting a Cocktail Week Opening Party.

You know me and Stuff parties. Wherever there is free booze, me and my friends can be found. Much in the same manner that Batman appears whenever the commissioner shines the bat signal in the sky.

Join Stuff Magazine to celebrate Cocktail Week's opening night in Boston!

Date: September 17, 2009
Location: M.J. O'Connor's - Back Bay -

Park Plaza, 27 Columbus Ave,

Boston Time: 7pm - 9pm

You have to RSVP to go to these events, so be sure to do that this morning. Better yet, DO IT NOW!!!!

Click (here) to RSVP.

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