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Wichita Update

8/18/2009 01:04:00 AM
Thanks to Bloggery Reader Brina for the reminder via the cbox on the website. It totally slipped my mind that I promised you guys an update on Wichita last Friday. I just get so many emails and read so many articles that I tend to forget. But keep on reminding me and I'll do my best

That Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are headed to Boston, Worcester and Woburn to film an action comedy previously called “Wichita.” It’s about a secret agent who pops in and out of the life of a single mom. Apparently Boston - or Worcester, or Woburn - will play Wichita. Word is, location scouts have scoped out a few South End restaurants and reportedly will shoot at Gaslight.

That's the latest that I've seen. So for the folks in Worcester, Woburn, and the South End - get ready for some Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz action.

Unfortunately I have not heard anything about who's doing the extras casting for this movie. But I'll let you guys know as soon as I do.

Click (here) for the Herald blurb.

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2 Response to "Wichita Update"

  1. yaguara2003 Said,

    have heard it will be Boston Casting (hopefully they will bother to answer emails this time). Kudos for RPM Casting for responding to phone calls and emails promptly during grown ups and Zookeeper).
    Boston casting should have some casting calls in the coming days.../weeks, etc. keep an ear out.

    Posted on 9/3/09, 12:30 AM

  2. Brina Said,

    Hi all:

    SORRY: but die\rectly from Boston Casting that there will be NO OPEN CALL for The Untitled Wichita Project. Folming for this begins on 9/15 at the Worcester airport. Then production moves to Bridgewater (actually, in a meadow bordering my back yard!). Locals, police & fire are getting consideration in casting.

    Posted on 9/7/09, 12:21 PM


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