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No one parties like the folks at Thrillist. Believe me. I went to their launch party and a few of their subsequent parties, and they are awesome. From what I'm told, I'm the first to announce this event (Flavie, you are the best!) so it is my distinct pleasure to tell you guys where all of you will be on the evening of August 26th.

Old School Summer Throwdown
Wednesday August 26th, 2009

7:00PM- 10:00PM

Lucky's Lounge

355 Congress Street

Corner of Congress and A Street

Starring Canadian Club

I've been meaning to make my way over to Lucky's Lounge for a while now. I was at Drink one evening and as I was leaving, I noticed a huge line outside of an unmarked building. Naturally, I was quite curious as to what the place was. Some quick googling when I got home revealed that it was Lucky's. I haven't had a chance to make it over yet, but now I don't have an excuse.

Click (here) to RSVP.

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1 Response to "Thrillist Old School Summer Throwdown - 8/26"

  1. Boston Knucklehead Said,

    They do have some nasty parties they throw.

    Posted on 8/15/09, 9:31 AM


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