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Free Yoga Class at Om Warrior

8/13/2009 12:03:00 AM
When I was doing P90X (I really should start it up again), there's one day where the workout is yoga. It's actually quite difficult. I have horrible flexibility and weigh too much to support my own body weight whilst in odd body poses. That being said, it'd probably do me some serious good to stick with it.

Marc McDonald (former yoga teacher at SCLA & Equinox) has opened up his own studio in the Financial District called Om Warrior. He took over the space that was formerly Yoga Power’s Boston studio at 133 Pearl Street.

And for all of my beloved Bloggery readers, Marc is willing to give us all our first class for free. Here's the fine print:

1. Mention that you heard about the free class from the Beantown Bloggery.
2. Free class is for first time visits only.
3. You have to be a local resident.

There you have it folks, I already got your first class covered. All you need to do is swing by lululemon, get some yoga gear, and get your butt over to Om Warrior. Just kidding about the lululemon, that stuff is EXPENSIVE....

Click (here) to check out the Om Warrior schedule.

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