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The Fighter Needs Cars - Today!

8/21/2009 12:09:00 AM
For those of you that are interested in being in the movies, you should really join the Boston Casting email list. I just updated my profile so that I would receive all their casting opportunities (so I could share with you) and a lot of them come in too last minute for me to get them up in time. Here's one that you might be able to make for tonight.

We are looking for our final group of PRE - 1993 cars for The Fighter to work Friday night, 8/21, overnight. Call time will likely be around 630pm and you should expect to work 10-12 hours.

We are looking for any type of car, from clunker to BMW.

Even if you have submitted multiple times thus far, feel free to submit for Friday night. We still need several cars and drivers.

We will contact those selected in the late AM tomorrow with call time and location. Please answer your phones.

As ever, you would be hired as an extra with their car. How you will be used is determined on set: they may use you as a driver or they may park you and use you as a pedestrian.

As you may have surmised, casting the cars for this film has been a very large and hectic job. We would like to thank you all for your patience and enthusiasm for the film. If you have submitted and we have not used your car, please do not take it personally. Not all cars are the right color or look for what we are going for. Also, we have to consider how all cars fit together. We can't send 10 black cars on the same day. But if you are interested in tomorrow night, please resubmit!

Again, you should send us your name, number and a picture of your car to: Put "Car - Friday" in the subject line.

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