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Tall Ships are Coming!

7/08/2009 12:02:00 AM
Tall ships are on the way. Some arrived yesterday and the rest should be making there way over today. What's a "tall ship"? I looked it up and they're defined as "large traditionally rigged sailing vessel."

Have you noticed large vessels - 45 of them - filling Boston Harbor and making their way to the Seaport World Trade Center, Fish Pier, and the Charlestown Navy Yard? Sail Boston invites you to tour some of these international beauties until they depart for Halifax on July 13.

Sail Boston is an official Port of the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge 2009 (TSAC). The trans-Atlantic regatta will start in Vigo, Spain. From there the fleet will race to Tenerife in the Canary Islands, en route to Bermuda. The fleet will then race to Charleston, South Carolina before racing to Boston, for Sail Boston 2009. From Boston the fleet will cruise in company north to Halifax, Canada. From there the fleet will race back across the North Atlantic to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Sounds reminiscent of the Volvo Ocean Race from earlier this year, except the boats will look more old school. I think it'll definitely make for some cool photos. I'm going to have to swing by one of these days if it can stop raining long enough for me to walk over there.

Click (here) for the Globe blurb.

Click (here) for the SailBoston site.

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1 Response to "Tall Ships are Coming!"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    SailGloucester is just winding down and we did a bunch of interviews with the captain and crews of the Picton Castle, Urania and more. We have pics and interviews from the Crew Party and SailGloucester Breakfast in the Schooner newsfeed here-

    The ships are leaving Gloucester Harbor as I look out the window at the dock. Enjoy!

    Posted on 7/8/09, 6:42 AM


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