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Shecky's Girls Night Out is coming back to Boston this upcoming August. As you may recall, they were here back in March. For those of you that went, maybe you can chime in on what you thought. I was there to cover the event, and I did also get to hang out with several of my friends who were attending the event to shop.

The booze was flowing liberally, my friends purchased a few things (some sort of electric hair straightening device and a bracelet if I recall correctly) and then we wandered over to Aquitaine for dinner afterwards. Dinner and more booze.

Date: Wed.-Fri., Aug. 12th-14th, 2009
Time: 5pm-10pm
Place: Boston Center for the Arts - Cyclorama 539 Tremont St. (Clarendon & Berkeley Sts.)

Hello Sunshine! We’re over the cold and ready for some serious summer fun at Shecky’s Girls Night Out! Gather your besties and join us for five hours of the coolest cocktails, delicious beer and food pairings, hot summer fashions with fantabulous markdowns, fun beauty discoveries, and of course, Shecky’s Famous Goodie Bag.

They had a beer tasting back in March - that part I enjoyed. Except for that beer that they have now that's beer and clamato combined in a can. That was gross.

Click (here) to get tix for the event.

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4 Response to "Shecky's Girls Night Out - Summer 2009"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Great post...I was in search of this....thanks for sharing....

    The best price for the best Entertainment

    Posted on 7/13/09, 8:05 AM

  2. Unknown Said,

    A decent event - I've been to about three in total. I have to say however, it's the "poor girls" version of StyleFixx Girls Night Out (the two are commonly confused), which happens this year in September. Having frequented both Sheckys and StyleFixx many times, I no longer attend Sheckys. My reasons? Well... StyleFixx has better designers, tons of free food, and just better ambiance over all. I will give it to Sheckys for a more then decent goodie bag however. Although my last one was filled with strange items like Splenda and tampons (weird). StyleFixx bags are smaller, but they give you the good stuff.... like Sephora makeup and gift certificates to Finale! Anywho... if it was up to me, I say save your money, wait 4 more weeks, and get a ticket to StyleFixx (ps- they ALWAYS sell out!). Hope that helps!

    Posted on 7/13/09, 7:18 PM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    I love this event. Last time I got drunk and bought a 100 dollar straightener.

    Posted on 7/14/09, 2:43 PM

  4. Unknown Said,

    I totally agree with Janet. I've been to both Shecky's and Stylefixx about 6 times, and I definately like Stylefixx better- for all the same reasons. While I did have fun at Shecky's, Stylefixx always seems to have more people, a funner atmosphere, lots of free food, and also more vendors selling their stuff. While I do admit, Shecky's does have alot more in the goodie bags and other free items passed out during the night (books, samples, etc.) That's probably the reason for the more expensive ticket tho.

    But they are both a great time. Just be careful or you'll end up like me and wake up the next day and realize you spent $200 on jewelry and designer clothes! I suggest only bringing cash so you don't overspend lol... alcohol tends to cause that problem.

    Posted on 7/14/09, 10:10 PM


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