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Save The South Street Diner! - 7/7

7/06/2009 12:01:00 AM
I got word a few days ago that there's a group of residents & businesses in the South Station area that are trying to force the South Street Diner to eliminate its "Always Open" policy and close at 2am. Their hearing is tomorrow 7/7 - and they're looking for folks to come out and show support. See below for the email.

South Street diner is looking for your support.

We have a hearing
July 7th Tuesday, 10am at Boston city hall room 809a . Please attend to save our diner.

We have a few new neighbors that want to roll back the hours of the diner and force us to close at 2 A.M. This would put us out of business.

We have been supportive of this neighborhood and our city. We have become a landmark that attracts students, workers, and the affluent.

We have tried to communicate with our few detractors. Unfortunately, they have chosen to ignore our efforts to meet and our attempts to address the issues irritating them. We have supplied a doggie refuse door, We have supplied security every night, We have changed our garbage pickup times.

This appears to be a case of a few neighbors who bought their properties at peak prices and now want to blame our a little business for their misfortune and declining property values.

Our diner has been in business since 1947. The residents that have an issue have been here for only 2 years.

Boston is a vibrant city. We enjoy being part of it we need your attendance to continue to serve you.
Thank you for your patronage and your support.

Did these new neighbors not research their neighborhood before they bought? Also, there's definitely a handful of restaurants in Chinatown that are open past 2am serving food. I used to go all the time to grab food after a night of clubbing. Why should the South Street Diner have to close by 2? I'm open to hearing arguments from both sides.

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3 Response to "Save The South Street Diner! - 7/7"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    The Boston Globe article referenced a resident who filmed a bunch of fights and other illegal activities happening at the Diner from his unit across the street... and that he posted the videos to YouTube. But I haven't been able to find any. You?

    Posted on 7/6/09, 2:35 PM

  2. Adam Pieniazek Said,


    Here's the youtube videos:

    There's two. One shows two people talking, and then a couple cop cars show up.

    The other catches a fight.

    The solution is to have cops patrol the area more actively or have tighter security. Not to shut it down. These videos are not very compelling. I've seen much worse walking around Boston late at night.

    Posted on 7/7/09, 12:29 AM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Thanks Adam. Oddly enough that YouTube account is now closed, so the videos can't be seen. Hmmmm.

    Posted on 7/8/09, 7:56 PM


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