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Mail Order Oysters - Island Creeks

7/17/2009 12:50:00 AM
I used to go to B&G for my oyster fix. But then I moved out of the South End and then subsequently discovered Neptune's in the North End. And whereas Island Creeks aren't my favorite (that distinction is reserved for Hurricane Harbors) they are quite tasty and now you can get them pretty cheap direct from the oyster people.

Island Creek Oysters, a boutique oyster farm on Massachusetts's Duxbury Bay, has been supplying high-end restaurants like Per Se and Charlie Trotter's--even the White House--for years. Now, oyster lovers no longer have to drop $200 on dinner to sample these beautifully briny, rough-shelled bivalves.

Island Creek's new online store (and FedEx delivery) makes it possible to shuck a fresh oyster ($100 for 100 or $18 a dozen) within 24 hours of its harvest--anywhere in the continental United States. It also sells wild razor clams ($5.75 a pound) and in-the-shell jumbo scallops ($3.50 a pound) harvested from a Cape Cod day boat, as well as essential oyster-shucking gloves and knives.

I actually drooled a little as I typed this post. Oysters obviously you eat raw, but the other two - in-the-shell scallops and razor clams are AMAZING if you steam them with garlic and vermicelli.

Click (here) to shop online.

PS. If anyone from Neptune's is reading, I'm pretty disappointed that the last 2 times I've come for lunch - there haven't been any bay scallops available from the raw bar.

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1 Response to "Mail Order Oysters - Island Creeks"

  1. Unknown Said,

    If you want the oysters you can get them for $1 each at Whole Foods in the Boston and Cambridge area.

    Posted on 7/18/09, 1:57 AM


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