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Louie Evans - A Boston Legend

7/23/2009 12:24:00 AM
I can't even count the number of times I've seen Louie biking down the streets of Boston over the years. It's nice to finally put a name with the face. I stumbled across the video interview of Louie a little while ago, but kept putting this post off. Finally it's time to get it up.

Louie Evans has become a Boston legend by riding around the city on his tricycle and yelling what some people call a "siren noise." Who is he? Why does he ride? Interviews with the employees of Back Bay Bicycles, the store that does complimentary repairs for Louie's bike, and Louie himself outline the mysterious 'trike rider's life as a dedicated bicyclist and as a compassionate, misunderstood person.

Back Bay Bicycles, where most of the interviews take place, pays out of pocket for all of Louie’s repairs and tune-ups (thousands of dollars now), so if you’re in the Boston area, I strongly suggest giving them business.

I took these pics of Louie one day while walking down Boylston. Be sure to visit the website though with the documentary/interview of him - it's awesome.

Click (here) to see the documentary.

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