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It's that time again. Summer Restaurant Week - which is actually two weeks now. And for the next week (until 7/24), American Express members can get early dibs on reservations. Call up your friends and start bugging them to make reservations.

American Express is proud to sponsor Summer Restaurant Week Boston®. For two delectable weeks, August 9–14 and August 16–21, 2009, over 200 Boston restaurants will showcase the talents of their top chefs with delicious 2-course lunches for $15.09, 3-course lunches for $20.09 and 3-course dinners for $33.09.

American Express® Cardmembers have first dibs, and can enjoy an exclusive early reservation period now through July 24, 2009.

If I recall correctly, last summer, my friends and I went to Excelsior. It was not very good. Then again, Excelsior is gone now, so I shouldn't speak ill of the dead. I think this year, I'd like to try Mistral. Almost 10 years in Boston and I still haven't been.

Click (here) to visit the restaurant week site.

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1 Response to "Early Reservations to Restaurant Week Summer 2009"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Mistral's is good. I highly recommend!

    Posted on 7/21/09, 11:20 PM


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