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Zipcar Low Car Diet 2009

6/11/2009 12:02:00 AM
As some of you may know (if you were reading my blog last summer), I participated in Zipcar's Low Car Diet and had a pretty good time. I got to drive a Prius for the first time, and it also made me calculate just how much owning my car actually costs me each month - it's not pretty (here).

Well Zipcar is doing it again this year for a crop of new participants and they're currently accepting applications.

What is the Low-Car Diet?

For a month, we're asking you to put down your keys, dust off your bike, trike or roller skates and find out what the Zipcar way of life is all about.

Folks from across all 13 of our cities worldwide will rise to the challenge, committing their keys and their consciences to being car free.

Think you’re ready to join them? Fill out the questionnaire below.

Participants (assuming you've been approved as a safe driver) will get their first year's annual and application fees waived, and driving credit (along with a "car-free" survival kit filled with goodies from our sponsors) for the duration of the program.

Eligible entrants selected to participate will be notified by email.

Click (here) to apply.

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