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I'm currently in Texas for a business trip, so I've had BBQ on my mind for the last several days. For those of you that are in the same boat as me (but stuck in Boston) - you might want to swing by the Village Smokehouse in Lowell tonight for a BBQ wine dinner that they're hosting.

Texas-style BBQ and new world wine unite to spice up Lowell on June 15, 2009, at the Village Smokehouse in Lowell. This satisfying evening of food and wine will feature a fabulous Village Smokehouse buffet with expressive wine tastings from The Cono Sur Winery in Chile. Located at 98 Middle Street in Lowell, The Village Smokehouse’s Wine Dinner will take place on Monday, June 15, 2009 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $30. Reservations are suggested and can be made by calling 978-441-2272.

The June 15 event will feature various wines samples over the course of dinner with brief descriptions accompanying each wine from representatives of The Cono Sur Winery. The evening’s featured wines will include Cono Sur Vision Sauvignon Blanc, Cono Sur Vision Chardonnay, Cono Sur Vision Carmenere, and Cono Sur Vision Cabernet Sauvignon- the winery’s first wine made from organically grown grapes, certified by BCS Oeko Garantie GMBH Germany.

You know you want yourself some brisket and ribs. I actually have a free day tomorrow, so I may venture out myself and get some BBQ for lunch.

Click (here) for the Smokehouse website.

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1 Response to "Village Smokehouse Wine Dinner - Tonight"

  1. Getting Healthy Said,

    You know I am a fellow Texan and all, but wine with bbq. That is just plain wrong, and is one of the reasons I only visit Fort Worth now instead of Dallas. You should be drinking beer with bbq, and really at the Village Smokehouse, you should drink Lone Star.

    Posted on 6/15/09, 9:48 AM


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