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Skateboard Art Challenge

6/23/2009 12:01:00 AM
There's a reason why big fat dudes usually don't ride on skateboards. It's because they tend to fall off and sprain an ankle five minutes after they try to get on the darned thing. Or at least that was my experience trying to skateboard my freshman year. Here's something that might be a little safer - geared towards the artists out there.

Skateboard Art Challenge

At the Duxbury Art Association we support the artist in everyone and believe that art is everywhere...even under a skateboard.

Enter your original, (made by you with your own design), artwork in the Duxbury Art Association's first ever Skateboard Art Show.

Artwork may be submitted in 2 ways:

1. On the deck of an actual skateboard*

2. On paper, board or canvas in the shape and size of a skateboard**

*Long boards by Edje skateboards can be purchased (without wheels or trucks) for a substantial discount
**Sample template can be found on the DAA website.

The contest ends on July 10th, so get cracking!

Oh, and the pic in this post is by Audrey Kawasaki. Hopefully none of you get in trouble for a little bit of cartoon boob. While typing up this entry, I remembered that she had one piece that was done on a skateboard and decided to look it up.

Click (here) for more details.

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1 Response to "Skateboard Art Challenge"

  1. Tom Said,

    Just came across this posting... wish we would have submitted in time...

    would love to hear your thoughts on the deck.

    Posted on 9/14/09, 11:07 PM


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