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RunMyErrand is a Winner!

6/01/2009 12:01:00 AM
Remember my original post in November about a new startup in Boston called RunMyErrand (here)? Well in six short months, they've come a LONG way - and even just won a spot in Facebook's recent fbFund competition!

Facebook has just announced the 20 final winners of the latest round of fbFund, the joint entity created by Accel Partners and Founders Fund in conjunction with the social network to help foster quality applications on Facebook Platform and Facebook Connect. This round’s winners will be invited to join a special Facebook startup incubator in downtown Palo Alto this summer.

Based in Boston, MA, RunMyErrand is an errand marketplace with green benefits, and the premise is incredibly simple. RME members can post an errand, such as picking up dry cleaning, making a delivery to a near by town, or donating products to Goodwill, and the reliable RME Runners complete the delivery in a timely and professional fashion. RunMyErrand also acts as an outsourcing delivery partner for locally owned retail establishments, such as Cold Stone Creamery and Polka Dog Bakery,

Congratulations to Leah and RunMyErrand!!! I encourage you all to check out the site and see if you can offload some of those errands that you don't have time for. Or if you're a broke college student looking to make some money this summer - sign up to provide your errand-running services.

Click (here) to goto

Click (here) for a list of the fbfund winners.

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