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Review: House of Blues Gospel Brunch

6/29/2009 12:34:00 AM
So I went to the House of Blues yesterday for their Gospel Brunch (here). It was pretty delicious! As the billboard advertised, it was a southern style brunch buffet with almost all my favorites: fried chicken (which I ate on waffles), cheese grits, hash browns, roast beef, bread pudding ... the list goes on.

Here's how it went for those that are interested. I showed up a few minutes before 11:30am (when doors open) and stood in line. Once they open the doors, they show people to their tables (assigned seats) and you're put at a long table that seats 12. There's three stations for food: a carving station, the main buffet station, and a dessert station. I'll spare you all the exhaustive list of food that was there, I think you can find the menu online, but it was all quite tasty.

After about an hour of eating, the gospel singers came out and performed for about 45 minutes to an hour. I've never heard gospel music live before - only seen it on tv or in movies - it was pretty awesome.

According to the site, there's at least one more Gospel Brunch left this season (on 7/5). I highly recommend you check it out.

Click (here) to get tix for the 7/5 show!

PS. When I said they had almost all of my favorites, they were missing one thing: fried okra.

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1 Response to "Review: House of Blues Gospel Brunch"

  1. Jason Said,

    I agree that this gospel brunch looks good on paper, so good that I went there with my family last weekend. I don't think this brunch is worth $45. The music lasted for only 45 minutes (and was interpsersed with prayers "In the name of Jesus we bow our heads, etc" and lectures on how only Jesus heals.). As soon as the concert was over they asked everyone to leave! My family still had food on our plates and the staff was cleaning off the table. It was clear that the House of Blues is good at running a tight ship for concerts, but brunch is a different story. People go out to relax and eat to their stomach's delight; not to see a 45min concert and then have to leave right away while there's a buffet full of food being cleared away. I would not recommend this experience. If you want gospel and you want to stand up and pray several times on a Sunday morning (yep, we were called to solemn prayer mutliple times during "brunch"), then go to church. And if you want a good brunch, go to a restaurant. Again, I like the idea of having a concert and brunch combined. Some places can pull it off, like JOhnny D's, but the House of Blues really blew it.

    Posted on 9/23/09, 3:45 PM


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