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Great ... I just got eaten alive this past weekend by mosquitoes while I was traveling for work and I come back to rain, fairly brisk weather, and a news article that says there's going to be a mosquito "explosion" this weekend.

John Smith of the Norfolk County Mosquito Control Project says the wet, cool weather of late has given the mosquitos time to build up their numbers. To make matters worse, the recent coastal storm and high tides have inundated salt marshes on east-facing coastlines, creating even more habitat for the voracious salt-water species.

"This species is nasty, and travels miles to find a blood meal. And they're just as active during the day as night," Smith said.

Looks like my first stop tomorrow will be CVS for some bug spray. It's been quite some time since I've had to contend with bug bites, and the itch is quite irritating. Guess it's time to switch from my usual John Varvatos cologne to eau de citronella for the time being.

It is funny though, when I read that last line about being active during the day and traveling miles for blood, I couldn't help but think "At least it wasn't an article about zombies."

Click (here) to read the article.

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1 Response to "Mosquito "Explosion" Expected Due to the Rain"

  1. Eric Said,

    You'd be fine if your Asian skin wasn't so tender and luscious...especially when you've been drinking.

    Go here and quit your bitching:

    Posted on 6/25/09, 11:46 AM


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