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Eliza Dushku's Valediction

6/17/2009 12:01:00 AM
I've received a handful of emails asking about this recently and realized I haven't once posted about it, so I guess better late than never right? Eliza Dushku was in town for the last couple of weeks filming a movie called "Valediction."

Filming took place in a handful of areas downtown - off the top of my head: Whiskey Park andPost Office Square. If you saw any yellow movie set signs with the letters "LIF" on them, that was her movie. Here's the latest on Ms. Dushku according to the Globe:

Dushku, who grew up in Watertown, has been in town shooting "Valediction," a psychological thriller in which she plays a temptress. (The target of her affection? A married man played by "Chronicles of Narnia" actor Ben Barnes.) "On paper, it's 'Fatal Attraction' and 'Black Widow,'" she said. "But when we shot it, Ben's character was more redeeming." Dushku is returning to LA today to begin work on season two of Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse," and to get cracking on a biopic of famed photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. Her company Boston Diva Productions is producing, and the actress's brother Nate is set to star. "We're working with the Mapplethorpe estate and Patti Smith is interested," said Dushku. (It'll be the first feature from "DiG!" director Ondi Timoner, whose most recent film "We Live in Public" bowled over the actress and her baller boyfriend.) Is Eliza intimidated to be producing? "I've been in this business now for 18 years, I've taken some notes," she said. "I can't settle for showing up and looking pretty." We may see her again soon: She just read for the part of a tough-talking Charlestown chick in "The Town."

That'll be cool if she ends up with a part in "The Town." That's Ben Affleck's new movie (here) that he's working on now - now that "The Company Men" has wrapped.

Click (here) for a link to the Globe.

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1 Response to "Eliza Dushku's Valediction"

  1. Unknown Said,

    They Where Filming In Quincy At The Presidents Inn Hotel ( I Think That's The Name) Right On Hancock St Near The Stadium - If Your From Quincy You Know What I Mean When I Say The Stadium

    Posted on 6/29/09, 1:02 AM


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