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The Company Men Wrapping Up

6/04/2009 12:47:00 AM
Looks like Ben Affleck and the other folks involved in the filming of The Company Men are finishing up their shoot. According to the Globe they had a wrap party this past Sunday.

The crew and at least a few members of "The Company Men" cast toasted a successful shoot at the film's wrap party Sunday. We're told director John Wells and actor Ben Affleck dropped by Lucky's, where Frank Sinatra impersonator Adam Herbert crooned and TV sets played outtakes from the downsizing drama. Also at the party were Lance Greene, a local actor who shot a few scenes with Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, and Maria Bello. "I worked across from the big dog," Greene said, referring to Jones. "I was a little worried, but it worked out well. It was like a master class in acting, to be honest."

I thought I read elsewhere that they actually still have a little bit of filming to finish up this week and this upcoming weekend, but I unfortunately I can't remember where. If anyone knows, feel free to chime in.

Mr. Affleck's got another movie he'll be filming in town called "The Town." But more on that tomorrow.

Click (here) for the Globe blurb.

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