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The Breakup Workbook

6/09/2009 12:01:00 AM
Local author MJ Acharya has released a new book for the ladies entitled: The Breakup Workbook: A Common Sense Guide to Getting Over Your Ex. From what I'm reading, it's not just a book, it's an interactive experience.

The Breakup Workbook was written for everyone who has gone through; is going through, or who most probably will go through the pain and misery of a failed relationship. The book is the first to use technology to the reader’s advantage: it works concurrently with a website,, an interactive forum and a reference blog to maximize the reader’s healing potential. The forum contains nearly 20,000 posts from its 1,500 members from 32 different countries. Additionally, readers are encouraged to email the author for advice.

You know me and my love of supporting everything local. So for those of you that have an ex you need getting over - check out this book. It may just do the trick.

I have half a mind to pick up a copy and send it to my friend S.H. who just recently went thru a breakup and has been down in the dumps lately.

Click (here) for the website.

Click (here) for the blog.

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