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Vanna White in Public Gardens

5/14/2009 12:01:00 AM
Bloggery Reader Sammy sent me a link to his Flickr where he was able to get some really awesome pics of Vanna White while she was in town yesterday. Looking at the pics, I know that exact spot, too bad I went for a stroll through the Commons and the Esplanade rather than the Public Garden otherwise I could have seen it for myself. Here's a few of his pics:

Sammy's got a ton more pics on his Flickr, you should definitely check them out. Thanks again to Sammy for sharing!

Also, according to the Globe, she'll be at the Union Oyster House today!

Vanna White will be in town next week to tape a promo for some upcoming Boston episodes of "Wheel of Fortune." We're told the leggy letter-turner will be filmed May 14 walking out of Joe Milano's Union Oyster House. Vanna, Pat Sajak, and the rest of the "Wheel of Fortune" crew are coming to Boston in September to tape three weeks of shows at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Click (here) to got his flickr.

Click (here) for the Globe blurb.

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1 Response to "Vanna White in Public Gardens"

  1. Getting Healthy Said,

    Wow talk about the power of makeup as she looks very old, and not at all attractive. Contrast that with when she is on the show up all the hollywood special effects makeup.

    Posted on 5/14/09, 9:04 AM


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