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Taxis Taking Credit Cards?

5/27/2009 12:02:00 AM
So I was in Chicago this past Memorial Day weekend for a miniature reunion of sorts and on my way back from Logan last night I sat in a cab that had the credit card swiping machine installed in the back. This is the first one I've been in while in Boston (been in plenty in NYC). Per my previous post (here) it appears that CMT has done their first wave of installs.

There's two parts, the first part is a touchscreen in the middle of the wall that displays some information for you - for now its just pictures of boston and info about fares and such. And off to the right is the credit card swiping machine.

Here's the downside. I'm not sure if the cab driver was lying to me or not, but at the end of the ride, I asked if I could pay by credit card and he said the system isn't actually up and running yet so I had to pay cash. So here's my question, has anyone ridden in one of these cabs yet and successfully paid by credit card?

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9 Response to "Taxis Taking Credit Cards?"

  1. Jeff Said,

    I have, but it looked like a different system.

    We had a screen in the back and he had a screen up front, but he had to swipe the card and put in all the numbers up front (including the tip).

    This was probably six weeks ago though and I'm not even sure what company it was with...

    Posted on 5/27/09, 7:39 AM

  2. Anonymous Said,


    Posted on 5/27/09, 9:00 AM

  3. Shawnna Said,

    had the same thing happen to me last night. sucked, because i didn't have enough cash on me.

    Posted on 5/27/09, 9:25 AM

  4. Unknown Said,

    I took one of these cabs on Monday from Copley to the airport. Knowing I was short of cash, I asked the driver before I got into the cab if I could pay by credit card. He said Yes. We got to the airport and the machine didn't work and he then admitted that he'd never used it before. I emptied my wallet of whatever cash I had leaving the driver about $5 short of the fare. Felt sorry for him.

    Posted on 5/27/09, 9:31 AM

  5. Jeff Said,

    I was in NYC in February and every cab I was in took credit cards (I used my Visa and Amex). It was great, could even enter in the tip too.

    Posted on 5/27/09, 10:00 AM

  6. Kevin Chevalier Said,

    When Carl and I were going back this weekend from Logan, not only did this system not take credit cards, it wouldn't even start the meter.

    He had to restart the meter, which on the new and improved system took about 5 minutes.

    So he just asked us, "How much do you normally pay from the airport?"

    Great job, taxis.

    Posted on 5/27/09, 2:41 PM

  7. Kevin Chevalier Said,

    Ah, last night I tried it again, and worked perfectly. Very nice to have that.

    Posted on 5/28/09, 2:41 PM

  8. Unknown Said,

    There are 2 main companies that are installing credit card terminals in Boston. Verifone, which has a smaller screen that looks like the credit card terminals you would see in any store and CMT, with a big 10" screen and a separate swipper the size of a cigarette box. The Verifone terminal had 2 versions, one with a complimentary screen for the cab driver where the driver can facilitate the sale and one thar only has the one screen in the back letting the passanger do all the work. The credit card systems have been mandated by the City of Boston Hackney Dept. All the Boston cabs will have a credit card system installed in a few months. (only Boston cabs are allowed to pick up passangers in Boston) Please watch out for Brookline and Cambridge cabs that pick up passenger illegality. (All Boston cabs have "Boston Lic Taxi" stickers on the back R and L side behind the back tires) They will have different meter rates and will not have Credit Card machines. There are still some bugs that need to be worked out with the cc machines, but overall this should make the experience better...eventually.

    Posted on 6/15/09, 10:17 PM

  9. Anonymous Said,

    I like this idea about cab driver accepting credit card in thier cabs at least no one will say I have to get money from the ATM and they run away from the cab driver but the thing that I don not like about the credit card that coustmer leave 1$ tip which the credit cpanors they Yale up to 10% of the money
    is this fare oops fair

    Posted on 6/30/09, 8:52 AM


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