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Restaurant Closings

5/28/2009 12:29:00 AM
Thanks to Bloggery Reader Jerel for the emails, I've been seeing the articles as well - there's so many restaurants closing it's amazing. First it was Excelsior a couple of months ago, now according to various sources next on the chopping block are Aujourd'hui (at the Four Seasons), Great Bay (at the Hotel Commonwealth), and Icarus (in the South End)

Aujourd'hui is being converted to a private function room. Not sure what Great Bay is being turned into, and Icarus is being sold by owner Chris Douglass.

I ate at Excelsior once during restaurant week last year and also Icarus once several years ago (I had a squab breast stuffed with foie gras that was amazing). As many folks have speculated, could this be an end to the $$$ restaurants in Boston? I'm sure we'll still have plenty of pricey restaurants around, but it looks as though we have have a new set of slighly more affordable restaurants spring up.

Is Aujourd'hui worth checking out before it closes?

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1 Response to "Restaurant Closings"

  1. Star Said,

    great bay is closing too

    Posted on 5/28/09, 3:17 PM


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