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Kotobukiya's Will Reopen

5/13/2009 12:06:00 AM
I used to eat at that asian food court at Porter Exchange fairly often when my sister was in Boston. But after she left, I rarely find myself in Cambridge let alone Porter Square. But I happened to find myself there this past weekend to eat at Cafe Mami (their boneless fried chicken rice plate is delicious). But I digress. That particular day was the last day that Kotobukiya - the Japanese grocery store - was open.

According to what I've been reading, Lesley University is going to expand their bookstore into that space. And I had orignally heard that there was no plan to reopen, but Menupages seems to have heard otherwise:

Japanese grocery store Kotobukiya, whose Cambridge location recently closed to make room for an expansion of Lesley's bookstore, will reopen in Medford Square, reports a Chowhound poster. The Medford market will open at 65 Riverside Ave. with a new (and unreported name).

That's good news for the folks out there that do a lot of Japanese grocery shopping.

Click (here) for a link to Menupages.

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