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Kanye's New Shoe Out Tomorrow - 5/2

5/01/2009 04:56:00 PM
I'm not a sneaker person but as I was walking down Washington St. in downtown crossing and saw a bunch of folks camped outside of Expressions (near macy's) I was pretty sure there had to be some new shoe coming out tomorrow. See pic below.

Sure enough, it's Kanye West's new shoe called the Air Yeezy.

West's shoe, called the Air Yeezy, is a black-on-black high-top with pink trim. It's the second of three Air Yeezy color schemes being released by Nike. A gray version came out in April; the final color will be released in June.

According to the sales girl inside that I spoke to, the folks outside have been camped there since yesterday. Wow, all that for some shoes. I'm amazed. Especially since it's been drizzling all day today.

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1 Response to "Kanye's New Shoe Out Tomorrow - 5/2"

  1. Unknown Said,

    Headed Over After Reading This And Ended Up Getin There About 9 PM I Was About The 23ed Person In Line And The Kid Infront Of Me Gave Me The Heads Up That One Of The Workers Inside Came Out And Let Them Know They Only Had 20ish Pairs 300 Bucks For Some ( In My Opinion) Ugly Ass Shoes But Seeing Them On eBay For 700-800 Really Made Me Want To Pick Them Up Didnt End Up Riskin Sitin 12 Hours For Nothing Tho So Congrats To Anyone That Got Them

    Posted on 5/4/09, 2:03 AM


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