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House of Blues Tour

5/05/2009 01:25:00 AM
I got to go on a tour of the House of Blues last week and more importantly a tour of their members-only Foundation Room. It's days like yesterday that I'm sure folks could have really used a Foundation Room membership. Those of you that follow my twitter (here) may have seen one of the pics that I took of the line that was waiting for yesterday's Lady Gaga & Kelly Clarkson performance. The line was insane. It went all the way down Landsdowne street and then curved around Brookline Ave.

So for those of you that aren't aware, there is a members-only room at the House of Blues called the Foundation Room and it's amazingly beautiful. It has a very asian/indian style theme to it and as a member you can go there prior to the show, enter the HOB through a private entrance (hence, no issues with waiting in line), have a few drinks with your friends, watch the show, and then go back to the room and have more drinks. They also have a dining room with a more upscale menu than the regular restaurant.

From what I gather, memberships range from $1,250 (for young professionals) to $2,250 (for individual memberships) to $3,500 (for gold memberships). Obviously, you'll want to doublecheck those numbers with a membership director.

I was told that they're at 160 members right now, so all you need to do is look at those pictures of how HUGE the Foundation Room is and realize it'll never be crowded in there. Besides, members-only stuff is always awesome. Did I mention one of the perks is advanced access to tickets before everyone else? I got a zillion emails asking about Lady Gaga tickets for yesterday and how to get them. Well now you know.

If you're interested, shoot Stacey an email at to all the info on memberships and the other benefits you get. The list is pretty long.

Must .... resist .... temptation .... to get young professional membership. I'm not getting any younger and that membership is only for those that are 21-29 yrs old. That only gives me 2 yrs left to get one before I'm old and have to pay full price.

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