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Geico is Here, Allstate on the Way

5/19/2009 11:25:00 AM
Looks like yesterday was a big day in the insurance world. According to a couple of articles I read this morning, Geico is finally here like they promised (here) and apparently Allstate is on the way.

GEICO started selling auto insurance to residents of the state of Massachusetts on Monday. Employees of GEICO started giving quotes online. The company said its first customer was Beth Opishinski of Whitman, Mass.

Congrats to Ms. Opishinski. Hopefully you're saving some significant cash. As will the rest of us.

Allstate Insurance Co., the nation's second-largest auto insurer, announced Monday it has filed paperwork with the Division of Insurance to return to Massachusetts after a long absence.

Well here's to hopes that increased competition leads to increased savings. Cause if they really do increase sales tax, we're going to need whatever we can get.

Click (here) for the Geico blurb

Click (here) for the Allstate one.

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2 Response to "Geico is Here, Allstate on the Way"

  1. car insurance quotes Said,

    Geico wasn't already doing business here? I mean, why would they spend all that money on TV advertising here if they werent? Seems like kind of a waste

    Posted on 5/19/09, 3:37 PM

  2. Whole Life Insurance Said,

    Geico is Awesome

    Posted on 2/22/10, 3:07 AM


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