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The Company Men In Quincy Part 2

5/05/2009 01:49:00 AM
Bloggery Reader AJ is going above and beyond helping me out. To AJ: I really appreciate your emails/comments and I thought this particular comment warranted it's own post.

1st Sign Intersection Of Southern Artery Washington St Pointing Down Towards Fore River Bridge

2ed Sign Pointing To The Parking Lot Of Saint Josephs Church For Extras Parking

3ed Sign Pointing Down Side St (Sorry Cant Remember Name) But Leads To Watson St With Sign That Reads "GTX To Set"

I Drove Around The Area A Few Times As Of 7 PM 5/3 There Was Nothing That Stuck Out To Show Exact Filming Location There Was A Port O Potty In A Driveway If That Could Mean Anything

But Filming Was Going To Happen As I Was On My Friends Porch A Van Stopped A Guy Jumped Out And Threw Up A Few More Signs That Pointed For The Extras Parking

If Still Up Tomorrow Ill Grab Some Pics

There you have it folks. Pretty much the exact locations of where The Company Men is going to be while in Quincy.

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1 Response to "The Company Men In Quincy Part 2"

  1. Unknown Said,

    Sick Thanks Man

    Posted on 5/5/09, 2:41 AM


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