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Tory Row Replaces Greenhouse

4/16/2009 12:01:00 AM
It's been roughly 11 months since I blogged about the closing/renovations going on at the old Greenhouse Coffee Shop in Harvard Square (here). I used to love going there for their sandwiches and their fish and chips. Their desserts were awful though ... but I digress. According to Thrillist, the new restaurant that occupies that space as opened. Say hello to Tory Row:

Just opened this week by the dudes behind capital-letter-eschewing middlesex and audubon circle, Tory Row (named for the Brattle St mansions that used to house rich fellows loyal to England) completely revamped the old Greenhouse Cafe space turning it into a communal European-styled cafe w/ exposed brick, glossy teak veneer wall panels, a 10-seat L-shaped bar and share tables made of fireslate, and Shepard Fairey wall art ripped (w/ his permission) from a building outside the spot.

A couple of my friends have lunch in Harvard Sq every Monday. I wonder if they can be swayed to try out Tory Row with me next week.

Click (here) for the Tory Row site (still under construction)

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