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Ok, so this post is a little NSFW, so just be aware of that and close the window if you need to (and then read it at home later).

By pure coincidence I was clicking through my On Demand this weekend and watched the first few episodes of this Showtime reality tv series called "Deeper Throat" about Vivid Entertainment's "journey" to remake a classic porn movie from way back when called "Deep Throat." Anyway, Sasha Grey is the lead actress in Vivid's remake, that's the how I was able to recognize her name in the article I just read about her being at Brandeis later this month.

Grey, 21, is among the most popular stars in the adult film industry. She recently began venturing into mainstream productions, and her natural talent so impressed Soderbergh that he cast her in this drama about the life of a $2000-an-hour sex escort.
 "The Girlfriend Experience," which was met with critical acclaim following a test screening at the Sundance Film Festival in January, will have its official premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 29, and will then be screened and discussed the following night at Brandeis.

Well, I guess I know where all the male students of Brandeis will be on the evening of 4/30.

Click (here) for more info and info on getting tix.

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