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Seems like just yesterday that we got Bon Chon chicken in Boston at Privus (here). And now there's a new chicken place that has got folks going crazy and it's called Pollo Campero. It's a Guatemalan fried chicken chain and it just recently opened up in Chelsea to hour long lines of eager diners.

First and foremost, they come for the chicken. Thousands of hungry customers are pouring into this city from across New England, transforming a quiet corner of Chelsea into a virtual tourist attraction. People are lining up by the hundreds, waiting as long as two hours in the rain, wind, and sun. The first US store opened in Los Angeles in 2002. In addition to Chelsea, stores are planned for East Boston and in Rhode Island this year.

I've never been to Chelsea before, but it looks like I will soon. I love me some chicken. For my roommate's recent birthday I told him I'd take him to dinner anywhere he wanted and he ended up choosing to get takeout from Bon Chon and Popeye's - chickenfest 2009. It was delicious.

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