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No R Lifestyle T-Shirt Winners!

4/15/2009 12:01:00 AM
Just so you guys know, this contest has had the most entrants so far (here). I may need to get a bigger hat for the next one, perhaps pull the Stetson out of my car (I'm currently using it as a dashboard ornament). Well, congratulations go out to the following four folks who's names were drawn to win a free No R Lifestyle T-Shirt.

Julia R.
Cheryl B.
Marnie T.
Michael A.

Just out of curiousity, anyone have any thoughts on why there tend to be more female entrants than male ones for my contest? I wonder if I have more female readers overall and so it's a skewed sample population to begin with. Oh well. Congrats again to the winners. Ya'll will be hearing soon from the No R Lifestyle folks so you can choose your t-shirts.

Click (here) to visit the N R Lifestyle website.

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