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You guys will not believe the stack of newspaper/magazine clippings and bookmarked webpages that I have laying around for blog entries. There's just too much going on in this city. Better get to it.

The April issue of food magazine Saveur has two different articles that feature Boston restaraurants Locke Ober and Sportello. Locke Ober is on p.32 under a list of "9 Signature Dishes" for their Lobster Savannah

3. Lobster Savannah (Locke-Ober, Boston, Massachusetts; circa 1930) Though it originated down South, lobster Savannah has been inextricably associated with the Yankee restaurant Locke-Ober since the Great Depression. A mix of lobster, mushrooms, pimentos, sherry, b├ęchamel, and parmesan that's baked in the lobster's shell, the dish is similar to other extravagant classics like lobster thermidor and lobster newburg. When Lydia Shire took over at Locke-Ober, in 2001, she introduced a lighter sauce and replaced the pimentos with fresh red bell peppers.

And Sportello is featured in an article entitled "12 Restaurants that Matter"

Sportello focuses laserlike on what made Lynch a phenomenon and an inspiration, namely, pastas of a delicacy and subtlety of flavor that no Irish girl has any business knowing how to make: pillowy, creamy potato gnocchi with peas and mushrooms that define spring; strozzapreti with braised rabbit, an ingredient she has long championed; ricotta ravioli with nutmeg, brown butter, and parmigiano-reggiano. End with the homemade tiramis├╣; for all her hard-won expertise, Lynch hasn't lost her Bostonian sweet tooth or the loyalty to her roots that has allowed her to remain a local hero while she's made herself a national star.

I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't eaten at either place yet. I've had drinks at Locke Ober and I've had drinks at Drink (which is right below Sportello). But I will try to make it there soon. Probably to Sportello before Locke Ober because I <3 Barbara Lynch.

Click (here) for the article on Locke Ober.

Click (here) for the article on Sportello.

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