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This is interesting. TNT Vacations (which I guess is some sort of travel agency) is selling a special package to go with the Patriots Cheerleaders to Aruba while they shoot their swimsuit calendar. Here's what the site says:

TNT Vacations is offering an exclusive opportunity to join the New England Patriots Cheerleaders in Aruba in April at the Divi & Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusives (exchange privileges included).

Stay at either hotel as functions and events will be held at both. Meet and mingle with The New England Patriots Cheerleaders. Fly on our charter with the entire squad April 24 - May 1, 2009

Many events are included during the week:

Private cocktail parties and dinners
Beach volleyball games
Admittance to the private photo shoots
Other special activities just for TNT clients

Do you think they'd really hang out with you? Are they required to hang out with you? Seems to me you'd just be the sketchy dude who paid for a vacation for the sole purpose of meeting cheerleaders.

Any Pats cheerleaders reading this that want to comment?

Click (here) to book your trip.

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2 Response to "Goto Aruba with the Patriots Cheerleaders"

  1. Getting Healthy Said,

    Can I trade in the Pats cheerleaders package for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders?

    Posted on 4/1/09, 8:18 AM

  2. Dan Dan Said,

    Seven nights in Aruba, all inclusive resort, plus flight there (on a charter plane with the Cheerleaders) all for $1349? That's actually not a bad deal, even if it weren't including the cheerleader gimmick. If only I didn't have actual obligations...

    Posted on 4/1/09, 11:59 AM


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