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Ok someone involved with the local Boston filming scene needs to fill me in on what's going on because I'm just getting confused.

First off, there was confusion over the last two weeks when (apparently) the folks filming the television pilot See Kate Run (here) were using "VSI" signs which were originally used for Bruce Willis's movie "The Surrogates" which was hear last year (here).

Today, I received an email with the following:

Hey Heading Home From Work Yesterday I Noticed Yellow TW Signs On The Neponset Bridge Heading Into Quincy And Then Another Pointing Down Towards Marina Bay Any Idea What They Where Filming?

Readers from way back when will recall that the yellow TW signs were used for the filming of the movie "The Women" which has now come and gone (here).

I can tell you right now that there is another movie filming here besides the Adam Sandler one. It's going to star Ben Affleck. I'll get a post up on that movie tomorrow. Are they using TW signs for the Ben Affleck movie? I don't know. All I know is, they need to spring for some new movie call signs.

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5 Response to "Are Film Crews Reusing Movie Call Signs?"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    wow, interesting... budget conscious recession breaking in the sign biz ha... good stuff Beano

    Posted on 4/2/09, 3:04 PM

  2. Matt Webster Said,

    Those signs cost money. And it's none of your business which vapid celeb is shooting which crumby tv pilot/film on your block...even if it is Affleck himself, Hosannah!

    Posted on 4/6/09, 4:37 PM

  3. n8k99 Said,

    those signs are not for the public, they are for the people who are working on the movie, so if the locations department is reusing signs, its really none of your business, unless of course you are part of the business of making that particular movie, in which it really won't matter to you whether or not the name of the show on the sign is for a show several years ago, as long as the sign is pointing the right place.

    Posted on 4/7/09, 11:39 AM

  4. Beantown Bloggery Said,

    To n8k99,
    I know the signs aren't for the general public. I just thought it was interesting that up until now, each film/tv show had their own signs. VSI (virtual self inc) for The Surrogates, TW for The Women, EOD for Edge of Darkness, etc. I was just curious to know what prompted them to start reusing signs.

    Posted on 4/7/09, 11:55 AM

  5. Chris P Said,

    Wow what a bunch of sour pusses. I guess the economy really is hurtin the location department n8k99. I dont know why half the people who work for these things are so anal.
    Lighten up a bit buddy.

    Posted on 4/7/09, 12:31 PM


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