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WWE Is Really Fun to Watch Live

3/05/2009 12:01:00 AM
Speaking of firsts, I went to my first live WWE event on Monday night - courtesy of my friend kchev. My philosophy on WWE is that it's the male equivalent of the soap opera. Yes, I know it's fake, but the storylines are pretty entertaining and I have been known to watch the occasional bout on tv when there's nothing else on.

As you can see from the pics, the arena was PACKED. The third pic is one that I took by holding my iphone up to one of the lenses on my binoculars (yes it works, but it's really tough to keep it from being blurry). The pic is from the confrontation between Randy Orton and Triple H.

I did get to see some of my 'favorite' wrestlers fight. Kane fought. Rey Mysterio fought. It's a shame that The Rock doesn't fight anymore. I liked him. Anybody else go on Monday? What'd you think?

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1 Response to "WWE Is Really Fun to Watch Live"

  1. Unknown Said,

    I Was There And It Is A Fun Time I Dont Follow Wrestling At All And Know Nothing About It But My Buddys That I Went With Do And Its Fun Just Hearing What They Have To Say Because It Always Brings Up Old Memorys Of Wrestling To Them And They All Remember What Happened It Any Mach They Are Talking About...And You Have To Love The Fact That A Yankees Suck Chant Can Be Started During A Wrestling Event

    Posted on 3/5/09, 7:21 AM


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