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Vote For Me for Best Blog!!!

3/12/2009 12:34:00 AM
A zillion thank you's to Bloggery Reader Bethany for letting me know about this. Apparently, the Phoenix is currently taking a survey on the Best of '09 and one of the categories is Best Blog and Bethany emailed me to let me know she voted for me and that ya'll should too!

Boston's Best Blog/Podcast
Vote for your favorite in Boston! If your choice doesn't appear in the list below, use the optional field to submit a vote for those we don't know about!

I would be much obliged if you would vote for me. And then email your friends and tell them to vote for me. And then call your parents and tell them to vote for me. If you have pets, they can vote for me as well. If you use the embedded ballot box, I believe you hafta click submit twice, until it says that you've successfully voted.

Click (here) if the embedded ballot box didn't show up.

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5 Response to "Vote For Me for Best Blog!!!"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    You got it -- "You have sucessfully voted in City: Blog/Podcast"

    Posted on 3/12/09, 12:58 PM

  2. Kathleen Said,

    I went to vote for you, but I can't get the link to work. Can you re-post the correct URL?

    Posted on 3/14/09, 5:48 PM

  3. Beantown Bloggery Said,

    Hi Kathleen,

    I just checked the link. It should be working now. Here it is:



    Posted on 3/14/09, 6:14 PM

  4. Kathleen Said,

    Hi! Thank You; I just voted. Love the blog, so I wish you luck in winning!

    Posted on 3/16/09, 3:36 PM

  5. Dan Dan Said,

    Dude, I just checked again, I thought I had voted but apparently I hadn't. There's an extra stupid step.

    So not only do you have to click submit to vote, which redirects you to the pheonix site, and then click submit again to actually get the "You have successfully voted in City: Blog/Podcast", then you have to click "Skip to Finish" to actually submit your ballot.

    I just got the "You have successfully voted in City: Blog/Podcast" message and thought that meant I had, you know, successfully voted. Apparently that's not the case.

    Just letting everyone else know.

    Posted on 3/17/09, 12:51 AM


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