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"See Cate Run" Pilot Filming - VSI

3/23/2009 12:01:00 AM
Lots of people to thank for this post. Bloggery Readers: Amanda, Tory, and Anonymous. Here's the scoop. There's a tv pilot (presumably for ABC) that has been filming near the state house called "See Cate Run". Here's what my gracious readers have filled me in on.

"SEE KATE RUN" an ABC show is filming at those locations. I was an extra on Thursday and saw the VSI sign.

I work right by the State House, and received a letter stating that filming would be happening there between March 20-22 and March 28. They have shut down parking on several streets (parts of Bowdoin, Park, Beacon, and Charles). Apparently it's for a TV pilot called "See Kate Run" with Amy Smart where she plays an ADA running for President. Maybe people will be able to see parts of the filming?

Hi there! As of this afternoon, there have been many large trucks parked along Bowdoin Street and a "VSI Extras" sign pointing to the side entrance of the State House. I read on Perez Hilton this morning that Bruce Willis married over the weekend- any chance he'll be in Boston again filming more of The Surrogates soon? I love your blog!

So here's the confusing part. I guess the call sign for this show is the same as the one used for Bruce Willis's "The Surrogates" which filmed here last year (here). If someone wants to snap a pic of the VSI sign and send it over, I'll get it up for everyone. I'll be back in Boston by 3/28 so I will saunter over there myself as well.

Click (here) for a small blurb I found which spells it "Cate" instead of "Kate"

UPDATE 3/30/09: Filming at the Cyclorama (here).

UPDATE 4/9/09: Joe V's becomes Bean Town Lobster Company (here).

UPDATE 4/13/09: VSI sign for See Kate Run on Newbury (here)

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4 Response to ""See Cate Run" Pilot Filming - VSI"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Who is the dbag working in that production office? Take your nasty and rude mug back to Cali because we don't need it here. You ain't all that, you're just an *hole.

    Posted on 3/23/09, 10:28 AM

  2. serinos123 Said,

    I worked as an extra in See Kate Run yesterday sunday. what blast working so close to amy smart. watch for me I was right in front row of senate chamber posing as a senator I sat in senator marianos seat

    Posted on 3/23/09, 11:37 AM

  3. Walter Said,

    what company is booking the extras?

    Posted on 3/25/09, 5:14 PM

  4. Anonymous Said,

    Coming home from work tonight i saw VSI signs in chelsea Right across from Home Depot.

    Posted on 3/26/09, 11:28 PM


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