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Sam Adams Beer Price Going Up

3/19/2009 12:03:00 AM
Would a slight increase in the cost of your Sam cause you to drink it less? I've been drinking a fair amount of the white ale lately - it's pretty tasty. I'll probably stick with them despite the price increase. I like them as a company. I remember last year they did that whole 'hops sharing' thing when there was a shortage (here). That was nice of them.

The company predicted higher costs between 7 and 9 percent, mostly in packaging costs for a new contract for its glass bottles and operating costs of a Pennsylvania brewery.

The company plans to raise prices by 3 percent, which should help offset higher costs.

As a sourcing guy, I'd probably say operating costs are tough to deal with, but increased packaging costs? Unacceptable. Time to put out some RFQ's for new packaging and new bottle suppliers.

Dear Sam Adams folks. Shoot me an email if you need help with getting packaging quotes. I'd be glad to help if it meant keeping the cost of beer down for all of us.

Click (here) to read the Globe article.

PS. Sorry there aren't any cutesy images in these posts. I've been reduced to using wifi at an internet cafe (while traveling) to get my posts up and they're blocking image uploads. GRRR...

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