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Road Trip to DC

3/17/2009 12:01:00 AM
I took a brief roadtrip to Washington DC last week. It was a great time, for those of you looking for a place to go that's within a day of driving, I had loads of fun there. It's about 450 miles away, so you could do it in about 8ish hours including pit stops.

I went to a handful of museums while I was there. Unlike Boston where most of the museums are pretty expensive to go to, the Smithsonian museums are free. They've got an endowment and such, but I'm sure part of your tax dollars are paying for it as well. May as well check it out - it's your dough helping to keep it free.

There's plenty of bars to go to in the area, amongst the ones we went to last week was a place called Eighteenth Street Lounge which is known for being the birthplace of the Thievery Corporation. Also, I'm an equal opportunity BonChonist (here) so I swung by the Bon Chon in Annandale for lunch one day. Oh and also, there's a really famous place for Peking Duck that was frequented by lots of politicians (most notably George and Barbara Bush) called Peking Gourmet Inn. The duck is superb!

Great food, bars, and museums. Not a bad week if I do say so myself. There's a few other road trips I'd like to do when it warms up. Possibly Philly for some cheesesteaks and also Montreal - two separate trips of course.

PS. The Bon Chon in Annandale is better than Privus. Privus better shape up!

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1 Response to "Road Trip to DC"

  1. Unknown Said,

    Out of interest where did you leave your car parked during your stay? Were the city rates very expensive?

    Posted on 3/22/09, 10:54 PM


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