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Did I tell you guys that I finally quit the Sports Club LA? It was nice while it lasted, but prices kept on going up and amenities kept on going away. And it's probably a little preposterous to be paying $277 a month for a gym. Before you throw up in you mouth over the cost - that's the price of the executive membership. Their regular membership is cheaper. Anyhoo, there is plan in place to build another high-end gym in Fort Point Channel.

Equilibrium, a high-end fitness center, has leased 8,028 square feet of commercial space open a training center at 303 Congress St. in Boston.

Equilibrium, whose facilities include full-service spas and members-only cafes, will open a new location in the Fort Point Channel neighborhood. The building at 303 Congress St. is a 71,898-square-foot office building. The six-story property was completed in 2001 and features floor-to-ceiling windows.

I gotta say, in my opinion, a high-end gym is NOT what that area needs. What they need is stuff that would support people living there. A grocery store, a T stop other than the silver line, maybe daycare/schools for families that might want to live there. That's just me though, I'm sure they had some consulting firm do an analysis of some sort that said it'd be a great place for a gym.

Click (here) for the article.

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