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The Game Plan

3/09/2009 02:09:00 AM
Did I ever tell you about the time that I saw The Rock in Boston? It was at the Sports Club LA at about 5:30am. I was on an exercise bike and The Rock was doing pushups in the area in front of me. The guy is GINORMOUS.

Anyhoo, he was in town shooting the Disney movie, The Game Plan, which came out a while ago - but I just saw it on tv the other day - so it's new to me. The movie is a kid's movie so it's pretty formulaic and predictable, but there were some really good shots of Boston, so it was fun to watch. Here's the trailer:

There were lots of shots of Gillette Stadium, the Barking Crab, and general Boston scenery. Overall, it was a pretty fun movie to watch (especially if you have kids).

Click (here) if you can't see the embedded video.

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1 Response to "The Game Plan"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    They filmed at Bentley College too! All lockerroom/ gym scenes are from Bentley's new Dana Center. They even put up signs that said Boston Rebels instead of Bentley Falcons.

    Posted on 3/9/09, 11:55 AM


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